the SPACE is proud to announce the launch of our brand new Wellness and Retreat Programme just in time for summer! Now offering retreats in addition to daily wellness activities for guests, it's just another way we're making sure to give you the best possible stay. After all, healthy body, healthy mind...

Choose from one of three amazing new four or seven night packages that are sure to leave you feeling better than you felt on arrival. Guaranteed!

Yoga Retreat - 4 or 7 Nights

Join us for a transformative escape, where you can break free from the daily grind, immerse yourself in tranquility and soothe the turbulence of your thoughts. In the days ahead, you'll embark on a journey to find inner peace, as you practice a diverse range of yoga asanas designed to nurture both body and mind. It’s happening – and we’d love for you to be a part of it.

Yoga + Surf Retreat - 4 or 7 Nights

Escape to the serene shores of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, where the rhythmic waves of the Pacific Ocean meet the tranquility of yoga practice in a perfect union. Join us for a rejuvenating yoga and surf retreat nestled in the heart of nature's beauty. Immerse yourself in daily yoga sessions led by experienced instructors, harmonising body and mind against the backdrop of breathtaking sunsets. Embrace the thrill of the ocean with expert surf lessons, allowing the sea to become both your playground and your sanctuary. Our retreat offers a unique blend of relaxation and adventure, inviting you to find balance, build strength, and connect with like-minded souls in this idyllic coastal haven. Come discover the synergy of yoga and surf in San Juan del Sur – a harmonious retreat for the body, mind, and spirit.

Surf Camp - 4 or 7 Nights

Our surf camp offers the perfect fusion of adrenaline-pumping wave riding and soul-nourishing yoga practice. Begin your day with the gentle embrace of morning yoga sessions, designed to center and energise you for the exhilarating surf adventures that await. As the sun sets over the Pacific, wind down with evening yoga, allowing the rhythmic ocean waves to serenade your practice. Our expert surf instructors will guide you through the thrilling world of wave-catching during the day, ensuring an unforgettable and invigorating surf experience. Whether you're a seasoned surfer or a yoga enthusiast seeking a new horizon, our surf camp in San Juan del Sur is the ideal destination to harmonise the thrill of the waves with the serenity of yoga. Join us for a journey that celebrates the perfect balance of surf, sand, and soulful practice.

With an accommodation type to suit all budgets and requirements, there's a retreat for everyone! Leading the retreats will be Bernardo Giusto, Head of Wellness at the SPACE. Here's a bit more about Bernardo and his philosophy.

Can you share your personal journey that led you to become a wellness facilitator?

I remember working for long shifts of +15 hours a day in 2020 during in the midst of the pandemic. It was crazy time, lots of stress, anxiety, depression due to isolation, and I came across a great book that would be the first step on this journey. The book was about a prestigious lawyer that turned into a monk, and spend a season in the Himalayas. I started to practice meditation using a few basic techniques from this book, and within a few days I noticed how my system was smoothly more in harmony with my emotions. Later on, I started to practice yoga asana and decided to take a first teacher training. As I became more aware and present I started to get the control of my life.

What variety of wellness and yoga styles do you specialize in, and how do they complement the vibrant atmosphere of our hostel?

Speaking of asana practice, the styles I enjoy practicing and teaching the most are Iyengar, Jivamukti, and Rahasya inspired yoga, these are different styles of Hatha yoga, which include a sequence of asanas, pranayama, and guided meditation. My approach is traditional, our perspective of this life is merely to enjoy it as much as we can - this is a short trip and none of us came here to suffer, rather to live joyfully. 

Practicing these values at a beautiful spot that’s a fusion of forest and beach vibes, gives one the perfect opportunity to stay focused and stay connected to nature. 

Can you highlight the qualifications and certifications that make you a trusted guide in the wellness journey of our guests?

I hold a 200 YTT and a RYT 200 at YogaAlliance, through which I studied ancient yogi philosophy. During my first years of practice I created and lead a wellness program at the digital marketing agency I was working for. After the first 6 months of launching, the associates that attended consistently showed a significant impact on their personal and professional lives. Now, I have over 500 hours of teaching experience, and I’ve witnessed the impact of this practice in so many people, that I’m just eager to be able to share it with as many as I can.

Bernardo in his natural element.

You'll be able to learn more about Bernardo in our upcoming Q&A blog post. Be sure to keep an eye out as we get to know B a little better. For now, we're sure you're excited to hear what's included in each retreat. So here we go!

What's Included:

  • Accommodation (room type dependent)
  • Food (4/7 x breakfast and 4/7 x dinners)
  • 4 x Yoga Sessions - Meditation, Breathwork and Asanas (all packages)
  • 3 x Surf Sessions (4/7 Night Yoga + Surf Package, 4/7 Night Surf Package)
  • AcroYoga Workshop (4/7 Night Yoga Packages and 4/7 Night Yoga + Surf Packages)
  • Thai Massage Workshop (all packages)
  • Professional Photographs
  • Welcome/Leaving Gift

What are you waiting for? Get in touch to book your spot and we'll see you on the mat and on the boards. 🌴